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Our Story

In 1992 the NJ Parks and Rec department at Spruce Run was looking for a vendor to provide simple foods to the boaters at the boat launch. We stepped it up a few notches by providing the seafarers slow smoked ribs, Jersey Jerk© Ribs, quality burgers, hotdogs, sausage and chicken. We provided all of this in an island themed setting. We built a Jerk Shack out of old barn wood, rusty tin roof, tempered glass countertop complete with sand, pirate treasure and map. Our customers dined on picnic tables with bamboo umbrellas while listening to the island music enjoying their meal. It was common for local families to come to Spruce Run to have a few racks of ribs and play board games at the table while watching the sun set. It was like being on an island but you were in a parking lot eating ribs in the sand at Spruce Run Recreation in Clinton NJ. The people loved the food, prices, and atmosphere. We were so happy to see them relax and enjoy. Our customers went crazy over our Jerk Ribs. Sherrie put the Jerk on the counter and so it began, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and sausage would never be the same. 

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